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Your local experts for underfloor heating

At DMA Property Solutions, we offer comprehensive underfloor heating installation for both residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to help you warm your property in the most energy-efficient, cost-effective way possible. 

Our team can also provide a complete repair and diagnostics service for underfloor heating, ideal if you’re looking to fix problems with an existing system, keep your heating working as efficiently as possible, or upgrade an older unit. 

With over 15 years of experience in designing and fitting heating systems into a variety of properties, our team are ready to help you fulfil your dream of underfloor heating. 

To get started with installing a new heating system or for repairs on your underfloor heating, give us a call on 01202 090010.

Why install underfloor heating?

Highly energy efficient heating choice

Clean appearance, space saving system

Suitable for any room

Efficient, modern heating for your home

When we fit your underfloor heating (UFH), you’ll have the choice of an electric or water system. Electric systems can be easy to retrofit into existing rooms, whilst water systems are generally more suitable for new builds. Our engineers will be able to talk you through the best choice for you, based on your property’s layout and energy requirements. 

An underfloor heating system (UFH) has many benefits over conventional systems and, due to covering a larger surface area and running at a lower temperature, UFH systems can offer excellent energy efficiency.  

Underfloor heating can save up to 25% energy compared to a traditional radiator. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, UFH creates complete freedom for interior design as there are no radiators to worry about; every square metre of a room can be utilised. On top of this, UFH allows rooms to be heated on an individual basis. It’s also virtually silent when running! 

When installing your UFH system, our team will help you choose the best option for your property, and carefully tailor the design to the needs of your property and lifestyle. 

Where can I install underfloor heating?

UFH is suitable for installation under a range of flooring types, not just ceramic and stone. It can also be installed under wooden floors, carpets, and vinyl flooring, so you’re not restricted to installing UFH only in certain rooms. 

Floor thickness will make a big difference as to how well the heat from UFH is able to radiate around the room. For example, if you’re fitting UFH under carpet, the combined TOG of underlay and carpet should not exceed 2.0. 

It’s not always easy tell which option is best, which is why you should contact our team directly before buying flooring to fit over UFH or deciding where to install the system. We’ll take the time to assess the requirements of your property, helping you to achieve the energy-efficient heating you are hoping for in the most cost-effective manner. We value honesty and will let you know if something isn’t going to work, or if we believe there is a better option to consider. 

Repair and diagnostics service for underfloor heating

At DMA Property Solutions, our team of skilled engineers also specialise in diagnosing and fixing any issues with existing underfloor heating systems. Whether it's a malfunctioning thermostat, damaged heating elements, or uneven heat distribution, we're here to remedy the problem.  

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we ensure prompt and reliable repairs that can restore your underfloor heating to optimal performance. Trust us to keep your home cosy all year round. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and benefit from our attentive, local service.  

Efficient underfloor heating from DMA Property Solutions

We’re ready to help you get the most from efficiently heating your property, be it your home or a commercial premises. Our tailored underfloor heating installation service is designed to limit disruption, providing a comfortable and efficient heating solution in the simplest way possible.  

On top of this, our repair and diagnostics service will help you get the most from your existing under floor heating. If you’ve noticed that your system is no longer working as it should, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

To benefit from our underfloor heating services, call us today on 01202 090010 or contact us via the button below. 

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